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Now time for my real entry....

Party at Lindsay's last night. It was a "barbecue", but we ordered pizzas. Basically, we just played pool all night and watched Remember the Titans around midnight. So that Amanda, Zoe and Candace wouldn't have to go home by curfew, they called their parents and said they were spending the night at my house. We had fun, but I don't think my dad was too please. I actually think he was more angry at me coming home at 2 than he was about 3 people sleeping over. Oh well.

We watched the 100 minutes of deleted Dogma scenes. It really adds to the movie, because most scenes were just edited for time, so you loose the details. It's cool though. The outtakes section is pretty funny too. Good times, good times. We went to bed at 3, and woke up at 11. We already watched The Wedding Planner this morning.

I went and bought two more Dexter Freebish tickets (I now have 4) and two Five For Fighting tickets. I'll probably be going with ma soeur, Cici, and if any of my friends want to come, they can join us. I love concerts so much, I'm totally excited. House of Blues is just the best, because I bought the 4 tickets yesterday and spent $57. 4 Barenaked Ladies tickets cost $157. I like House of Blues a lot.

Ma meillure amie (I think I spelled that wrong), Allie, is back in town. Yea! Now we are going to have to take Mikey and Ben out for their lunch. I received an email saying that because Allie skipped the country twice, they deserve more than just lunch, so now we might have to treat them to a movie or game of mini golf too. Like it's not bad enough they want to go to the Brat Stop in Kenosha. I don't want to drive to Wisconsin, but as long as I'm the one driving, and I get to pick the music, I would drive them to Long Island.

I'm trying to get a small group together to go to Olive Garden tonight. My craving are getting stronger. I saw a commercial for their new chicken over broccoli and shells (I don't know what it's called) and it looked phenomenal. Hopefully we can go tonight. Maybe see a movie too. I really want to see American Pie 2 for some reason, and I hear they don't check IDs at Showplace. I'm 3 months away from being able to see it legally. I think it's close enough. I don't think some of my friends want to see it though. I know Nikki doesn't. Amanda probably wouldn't want to either. Oh well, we'll find something to see.

Cici is at the Faire today with the kids and blind date guy. Wonder how that's going. I wonder if he's officially scared yet. I hope the kids are good. The Faire can be boring for kids sometimes. Lots of food and shopping. Hmmm, I don't think I can go there this year. I'm always busy on weekends, and with the wedding in less than 3 weeks, I shouldn't be eating the greasy (but sooooo good) crap that they sell there. Mmmm, shepard's pie. *wipes drool from lips*

I think I'm going to be a mallrat today. I have no reason to go shopping, nor should I be spending any money, but I don't want to be home anymore. I think I'll shower, then go down to Old Orchard. I could get a tan while perusing store windows. Such a good idea. I should be given a medal for that one. Oooo, maybe I'll see if Allie wants to come with me. Haven't seen her in forever (three weeks to the day I think, cus the last time I saw her was Sunday morning breakfast 3 weeks time flies). That's a good idea. Besides, it's 2:15pm, and I'm feeling smelling. Definitely shower time.

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*Still on Your Side - BBMak
*Killin' Kind - Shelby Lynn
*Crazy for the Girl - Evan and Jaron
*You and I and I - Matchbox 20
*Burn - Jo Dee Messina
*Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me - U2

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