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Don't forget to win first place. Don't forget to keep that smile on your face.

Post the first:



It wasn't too bad, I suppose. I think I did fairly well. The Reading part kicked my ass, Science and Math seemed okay, and if I'm as good at my grammar as I like to think I am, the first English part was fine.

Granted I'm not trying for a 36. I wouldn't be able to get it. Absolutely not. Hell, JC and Allie both got 35 and I'm not as smart as them, but hopefully I can score in the upper 20s. If not, there is always June.

But we were done at 11:50, so Allie, Amanda, Candace, Aaron and I went to lunch at Panera. Then Candace, Aaron and I came back to my house. Aaron ran amuck on my computer, while Candace and I watched Almost Famous. Then Melissa and Nikki came over, but they had to leave at 3:30 for a track meet, and I had to take Aaron and Candace back to school for Spring Play tech at 3:20-ish.

And tonight I am free. Hmmm...sleep?

Ha. Probably not.

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