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Faster, faster I'm the star in this disaster movie, and in the end I ride alone

First, I apparently didn't get to bed by 10 like I had hoped.

8:20 - 11:55 => ACT

Eep! My first time (because I'm soooooo behind everyone else) But, no class after noon. Might go to lunch, then possibly have people over.

8:20 - 2:20 => Prairie State Exam (PSE)

Ewwwwww! A really long, boring, stupid standardized test that my English teacher hates because he says it doesn't assess learning and was developed by Legislators instead of Educators.

8:20 - 11:00 => Normal classes (Free, English, History)
11:00 - 6:00 => Cubs Game!! Field Trip!! Woo!

Then onward to the wedding in Indy. Busy little bee, I am.

In other news, today rocked.

Realizing that we have practically no school for the next few days, Zoe and I decide to go see a movie. Panic Room with Jodie Foster. The first time I actually got to buy my own R-rated movie tickets since I've been 17. And they didn't even card me! *sobs* I don't think they care at 4:30 on a Tuesday afternoon.

The movie was good. A little intense at parts, a little bloody, but worth the $6.25 (*grumbles about movies being a rip-off*) Wouldn't have paid more than that for it, but I like Jodie Foster.

And there were some damn good previews. Not necessarily good movies, but a nice concept. Changing Lanes - the Ben Affleck movie...yum, The Sweetest Thing - the Cameron Diaz movie (Zoe and I were going to theatre hop into this one, but it wasn't going to start for another hour, so we had dinner at Olive Garden), that war movie about the Navajo coder with Nicholas Cage,

AND!!! A new Matt Damon movie that looked really good. It has Lola from Run, Lola Run! All I could think about during the preview was 'I wonder if she'll scream ear-piercingly loud in this too'. It's called The Bourne Identity, I think.

Observation: Matt Damon with a crew cut resembles Mark Wahlberg in Planet of the Apes. This is not necessarily a bad thing.

Okay, Gail needs to get sleep so she can do well on the ACT. *crosses fingers*

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