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Hold me closer, tiny dancer

Post in which Gail talks about music:

I have finally begun a new phase in my music. Remember how for a while I was all into the chick music (Alanis, Pink, Stretch Princess, Bree Sharp). Well, I still like them, of course, but I am moving on. Basically to unfamiliar ground.

Classic Rock.

I like it, and always have. I don't know a great deal about it, but I recognize some of the bigger bands.

The classic rock station around here, The Loop, is one of my preset stations dans ma voiture, but it's usually a last resort if I can't find anything else where. But recently, I've been hitting it first, and the last couple days I haven't even changed from it.

So now I must raid (or rape) Audiogalaxy and try to further broaden my horizons. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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