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I belong in the service of the queen, and I belong anywhere but in between

La la la.

I'm bored. Got home at 3, because Zoe and I decided to leave during 9th, and I've decided to not go to crew all week. My excuse being that I have a shit load of work to do (and it's true) and this weekend I'll be gone.

What have I done for the last three hours? Play Sims.

Ha. Work, my ass.

I had an interesting Theatre class today, but not going to get into that now.

I'm going to go read Catcher in the Rye now, but first, a fun little internet quiz.

Eep! When typing "lj-cut text" I wrote "jc-cut text". Dacey's pretty kitten pictures are getting to me. :)

Gothic Funky Star Heffalump

Star Heffalump

Soundtrack to your life:

Sisters of Mercy - Dominion

Favourite website:


No autographs... oh alright then.

Certified Personality Test


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