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Today was good. Went shopping again, and this time sans Grandma and avec mon pere. (Without Grandma, with Dadoo).

Was much better than yesterday. And I got a bunch of new stuff. Summer clothes, despite the fact that the temperature had plummeted recently to low 40s from the 80s we had a few days ago.

But yes. I think I bought out Express. Stuff I got (thanks to Mama):
Yesterday at Old Orchard:
-3 shelf-bra tanks, light pink, pale purple, blue stripe (Express)
-2 t-shirts, black and white (Express)
Today at Hawthorne:
-2 pairs of capris, black and khaki (Express)
-1 shelf-bra tank, dark blue (Express)
-1 dressy tee, red (Express)
-1 pair of capri/running pants, dark blue (Express)
-1 light-weight sweater cover-up (Express)
-1 black Rampage dress for wedding (Marshall Field's)
-1 pair dressy sandals for wedding (Marshall Field's)
-1 halter top, yellow and white stripe with blue trim (American Eagle)

Whew. That's only about 1/10 of all the crap I tried on. It was crazy. But yay for summer clothes. Yay for a mommy who will buy me stuff. Though she did mention me getting a job this summer after the $220 Express purchase today (And probably something to do with the $100+ yesterday).

No more stuff for Gail until Winter.

I'm at Cici's, babysitting for Zoe, so I took the opportunity to make a few new icons.

The icon I'm using for this post is Bree Sharp. The caption "For a girl of my age, why am I so numb?" is from her song "Fool's Gold".
The first above is Joey from On the Line. Yay for covering Def Lepard. (Which reminds me, I have to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding).
The second is Justin, a picture that Dacey posted earlier...the caption had to be "infant" because...yes.

Opa. I'm done.

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