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I...I just died in your arms tonight. It must've been something you said

Today was good. Went shopping again, and this time sans Grandma and avec mon pere. (Without Grandma, with Dadoo).

Was much better than yesterday. And I got a bunch of new stuff. Summer clothes, despite the fact that the temperature had plummeted recently to low 40s from the 80s we had a few days ago.

But yes. I think I bought out Express. Stuff I got (thanks to Mama):
Yesterday at Old Orchard:
-3 shelf-bra tanks, light pink, pale purple, blue stripe (Express)
-2 t-shirts, black and white (Express)
Today at Hawthorne:
-2 pairs of capris, black and khaki (Express)
-1 shelf-bra tank, dark blue (Express)
-1 dressy tee, red (Express)
-1 pair of capri/running pants, dark blue (Express)
-1 light-weight sweater cover-up (Express)
-1 black Rampage dress for wedding (Marshall Field's)
-1 pair dressy sandals for wedding (Marshall Field's)
-1 halter top, yellow and white stripe with blue trim (American Eagle)

Whew. That's only about 1/10 of all the crap I tried on. It was crazy. But yay for summer clothes. Yay for a mommy who will buy me stuff. Though she did mention me getting a job this summer after the $220 Express purchase today (And probably something to do with the $100+ yesterday).

No more stuff for Gail until Winter.

I'm at Cici's, babysitting for Zoe, so I took the opportunity to make a few new icons.

The icon I'm using for this post is Bree Sharp. The caption "For a girl of my age, why am I so numb?" is from her song "Fool's Gold".
The first above is Joey from On the Line. Yay for covering Def Lepard. (Which reminds me, I have to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding).
The second is Justin, a picture that Dacey posted earlier...the caption had to be "infant" because...yes.

Opa. I'm done.

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