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And I loved him more than words could say. Never knew it till he moved away

So, I thought shopping was going to be me getting a pretty dress, Steph getting a pretty dress and the moms paying.

Now Grandma (the one who I'm convinced hates me) is coming, and the shopping is primarily to get Steph a new dress for the wedding and a prom dress (for prom.) Duh.

Damn. Mama said that she likes the dress I got last year for Debbie's wedding and should wear that again, but I might get something new for my brother's wedding. So many weddings. Almost 4 in one year, but it's more like 14 months.

But yeah. Shafted again. Damn.

And I had another smoking dream, and I would have been drinking too, but 'I had to drive'. At least I have a brain when I'm dreaming.

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