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And any talk of selflessness, and any talk of working at this, and any talk of being of service

leaves you running for the door

I got to bed at 1:15-ish, very tired and barely awake from sleeping at Candace's. I figure I'll be able to sleep until at least 10.

Nope. 8:30 and I'm up.


But yeah.

So yesterday, after waking up at 5:45 and showering, I was able to get my history homework and a really bad draft of my English essay written. Then at school I did my Calculus. I got everything done. After falling asleep three pages in on my reading of Catcher, I was able to get everything done. Go me.

School yesterday = blah.

But I'm doing a really fun scene in Theatre. They are partner soap operas, and I'm Yvonne, a drunk drug addict who gets committed by her brother Stephen (this kid in my class Tedd). It's so funny. I love it!!

Dance Show last night went really well. Yay! After, a lot of us went to Candace's, hung out and played video games. I thought everyone would be hungry (because originally we were going to go for dinner), so I spend $20 on pizza, demanding to be repaid, and wound up leaving with the equivalent of a whole pizza and no money.

I started feeling a bit tired, and everyone was being loud and having fun, so I went upstairs to watch TV on the comfy couches. Charlie joined me and we had fun channel surfing between late night shows, like Conan and Craig, and The Cosby Show and the NASA Channel which just shows pictures of the earth. We laughed a lot.
Me: What the hell is that?
Chaz: That can't be South America, it's too cloudy!
Me: I think that's Panama!
Chaz: Yes!
We finally found the Iron Chef, and when people left for curfew, it was Chaz, me, and Candace watching it. I think I fell asleep some time around 12:20, because I never saw the judging at the end of Iron Chef, but the time had run out already. Eh, whatever.

I was supposed to give Charlie a ride home, but he ran home instead since I was asleep. When I got up and left, it was raining and cold. Yeah, it's about 43 degrees right now. What happened to the hot an humid 80s? The hell if I know.

So now I'm up. I'm supposed to be going dress shopping with Mama, Aunt Judy, and Steph, for my Aunt Sharon's wedding next Saturday. But Steph won't be up for another couple hours, so I may take a shower, go up to Ci's, and have Mama call me when they have everything planned out.

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