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Found this in Callmedirk's journal and gacked it. I figured that me, being the self proclaimed music buff I am, should fill out a survey about music. Enjoy!

1. Favorite band(s)? Matchbox Twenty, *NSYNC, Dexter Freebish, 3 Doors Down, Sister Hazel, Barenaked Ladies

2. Do you enjoy concerts? Um, I talk about anything else? I love concerts.

3. What was the last concert you attended? NSYNC in Arkansas

4. Music you couldn't live without? Matchbox Twenty, Guster, Aerosmith, Dexter Freebish, Five For Fighting, NSYNC

5. Kind of music that would fall off the face of the earth and you wouldn't care nor miss it? Bad rap and corney country (I don't mind good rap, or modern country)

6. About how many CDs do you own? Exactly 105 (I just counted)

7. How many CDs can your stereo hold at a time? 3

8. Do you have a discman? Yes. It's a cool new mp3/CD player (RioVolt)

9. What CD could you listen to for hours? Matchbox Twenty - Mad Season, matchbox 20 - Yourself or Someone Like You, Sister Hazel - Fortress, Barenaked Ladies - Stunt or Maroon, NSYNC - Celebrity, Dexter Freebish - A Life of Saturdays

10. Can you sing well? fairly well...I sing loud even if it isn't good

How many CDs do you own by...

11. Britney Spears? 0

12. City High? 0

13. O-Town? 0

14. Eminem? 0

15. Incubus? 1

16. Blink 182? technically I have both CDs on one burned disk...I'll say 2

17. Everclear? 3

18. Mandy Moore? 0

19. Backstreet Boys? 0

20. N Sync? 4

21. Dr. Dre? 0

22. Fuel? 1

23. Linkin Park? 0

24. Destiny's Child? 0

25. Dream? 0

26. KoRn? 0

27. Limp Bizkit? 0

28. Missy Elliot? 0

29. Nelly Furtado? 0

30. Jessica Simpson? 0

31. Christina? 0

32. Eve 6? 0

33. Sum 41? 0

34. No Doubt? 1

35. Mariah Carey? 0

What lyric comes to your mind when you hear...

36. Goo Goo Dolls? You talk about the world like it's someplace that you've been...Broadway is dark tonight, a little bit weaker than you used to be...

37. Lifehouse? If shame had a face I think it would kind of look like mine, if it had a home would it be my eyes, would you believe me if I said I'm tired of this?"

38. Vertical Horizon? I've gotta be honest, I think you know, I'm covered in lies, and that's okay

39. Vitamin C? Put a smile on your face, and make life a little better

40. LFO? Sometimes it's black, sometimes it's white, sometimes she's wrong, sometimes I'm right...

41. Savage Garden? But on the telephone line, I am anyone, I am anything I want to be. I could be a super model or Norman Mailer, and you wouldn't know the difference, would you?

42. Papa Roach? Cut my life into pieces, this is my last resort

43. The Bloodhound Gang? You and me baby ain't nothing but mammals, so let's do it like they do on the discovery channel

44. Toni Braxton? Unbreak my heart, say you'll love me forever...

45. 98 degrees? [I honestly don't know anything they sing...but they were at the Illinois State Fair yesterday. ha ha ha]

46. Our Lady Peace? [They are a good band, I just don't know any of their songs either.]

47. The Verve Pipe? Can't be held responsible, she was touching her face, I won't be held responsible, she fell in love in the first place. For the life of me, I can not remember, what made us think that we were wise, and we'd never compromise...

48. Craig David? [Hmm, don't know him much for music buff. Damn.]

49. Willa Ford? I wanna be bad with you baby, I wanna be bad

50. AQUA? I'm a barbie girl, in a barbie world

51. 311? [Can't think of any]

52. Mikalia? [Don't know]

53. The Fugees? [Can't think of any]

Either or...

54. Britney or Christina? Britney

55. Punk or rock? rock

56. Edited or un-edited? Un-edited

57. Backstreet Boys or N Sync? *NSYNC

58. Nick or Justin? Justin

59. Live or on TV? Live

60. Amphitheater or arena? Amphitheatre

61. Live band or recorded tape? Live

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