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I'll give you countless amounts of outright acceptance if you want it

The Gail du Jour:

Pretty good day. Wore new sandals. Hurt feet. A lot. Ouch.

Woke up at hour early, but thanks to my awesome big sister, got to school at the lovely time of 11:35. *sigh* So great. Tomorrow I start at 10. Hmmm...wonder how I'll get there.

Had two hour-long classes today. It was tough, lemme tell ya. I'm all for block scheduling, or whatever. Just don't make me sit through 8 42-minute classes a day. PLEASE!

Minimal homework tonight. Might run to Ci's to pick up the Raspberry Sorbet I left there...because...I want it back.

It is 82 degrees out. Past sundown. Hellllllooooo Summer! Well, we had a weekend of Spring. *shrugs* Welcome to Chicago. It was snowing two weeks ago, and now it's 80.

Should go be productive. Or something.

Later folks.

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