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To the middle of my frustrated fears, and I swear, you're just like a pill.

First generic entry:

Today, Cici and I hung out. All day, practically. From about noon until 10pm.

Lots of shopping was done. We bought for shoes, and patio furniture, and a digital camera (and when I say "we bought" I mean, "Cici bought and I helped carry bags".) 'Twas fun, and my wonderful big sister bought me two new pairs of sandals. Whee!

I'm waking up in 12 hours to go to school.

Late arrival day, so classes start at 10. And they are 53 minutes with half the classes Monday, and the other half Tuesday because of an assembly. And I have no Early Bird or 1st period class. class starts at 11:56. So fantastic.

Should start my weekend homework now. Maybe.

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