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I was just doin' my thing, hangin' out at the spot. You know the place we go...

I'm tired today.

I mentioned in an earlier post (yesterday, I believe) that around most people, I tend to be a little louder, and sort of out going. I'm the most "rebellious" in my group of friends and they make fun of me a lot, calling me a crack whore (though I've never done drugs) and an alcoholic (though I only drink at family occasions - truth is, I've had more to drink in my life that most of my friends combined). Good kids, we are.

But it's not really who I am, and I guess it's harder for people to get close to me than they think. I'm very accepting and nice to everyone, but even if I know them pretty well, it doesn't mean they know me. I've been friends with people for 3 years...good friends, and they don't really know me. I think I'm complex.

And I'm tired today of having that wall up. Thus, my guard is down. I'm an open book. And I am tired.

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