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I'm so bored!!! There's absolutely nothing to do. I was messing around with a trial version of Photoshop and made a really nifty JC icon (it's so hot, I can't even tell you). However, because it's a trial version, you can't save anything. It's such a rip.

I now have 12 of the 47 CDs made, but I got really bored, so I've quit for the day.

In an hour, I can go over to Lindsay's. It's going to be one of the longest hours ever. There is absolutely nothing to do here. The radio isn't even playing good songs right now. I already took a nap, and no one is home to call and bother. It sucks a lot. And I'm so in the mood for Olive Garden, I think I would kill for it. Did I tell you my weird craving yesterday? All of a sudden I could smell chicken parmesan. It was the weirdest thing ever. I decided I wanted it for dinner, and probably would have gone with some friends, had we not had a "family dinner". *growl*

Holy crap, it's only taken me ten minutes to write that. I was hoping I could waste at least a half hour on my journal. Apparently not. Sheit. (Hee hee, Ewan McGreggor says that a lot in Trainspotting.)

I already played Solitaire (I'm totally addicted). I scored a 6341 in 122 seconds. It's pretty good for standard mode. My goal is usually to be under two minutes. I've done it a couple times, but I'm usually around 121 to 124...just over. It's irritating. But then again, so is being addicted to computer solitaire.

I really dislike radio commercials. Get on with the music!! Maybe I'll go to Dominick's now. Pick up a couple Five For Fighting tickets. If I need more of those or Dexter Freebish, I'll go back. That'll take up about a half hour, I think I will go do that.

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