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*Yawn* Saturday

Woke up this morning at 9. Ew. But I have the house to myself since the parents are moving my sister Fayanne back down to school. Ha ha, she starts on Monday. Thank god I have another three and a half weeks. Ya gotta love construction.

I did a little laundry, and have been making CDs like a mad woman since I woke up. I'm currently on the 9th today. A bunch of my friends gave me a list of CDs they want, because I let them look through my mega-binder. 47. I have to make 47. I have ten done. Yea! One fifth done. Geez.

I just woke up from a nap. Between the hours of 1:30 and 3, I was in a sort of on-again off-again conscious pattern. Had a weird dream with a recurring location. There was also this chick, Haley, in it, whom I don't usually get along with because we are in different social circles (and she's a stuck-up North Shore bitch), but in the dream, we were being nice to each other. I think it was a repercussion of my visit to Potbelly about a week ago. I was nine people I knew (all in just the half hour I was there, 6 worked there) and I only talked to one. I felt kinda bad after that I didn't strike up a conversation with Taylor or Shay. I think that's why in my dream I was nice to Haley. Damn, I should've asked them about their summers. Oh well, it's in the past now and I can't change that.

Journal is totally dull today. I can't even believe it. I'm really glad I've been asleep all day. Happy birthday to madamerenee. I hope you fell better soon.

Gotta go call some friends and harass them about coming to Dexter Freebish with me. I only have two tickets and three people might be coming with me. Well decide already!! I'll have to see if they want to come see Five For Fighting with me too. I'm costing them so much money, dragging them to all the concerts I want to go to. God, I suck. (Although I know they enjoyed Matchbox Twenty.)

*ding* Just thought of another part of my dream. I was at the grocery store and checking out. I hadn't checked how much money I had, and the total was like $150, but I only had $7. I felt so stupid. If I had an ATM/VISA card, it wouldn't have been a problem. This is one of my biggest fears, but I was all calm and cool because it's a dream. In real life, I probably would have been bright red and crying.

I have to make more CDs and call people. I'll be back later, I'm sure. I have Lindsay's big end-of-the-summer barbecue at 6:30, so it might be late. Bye bye everybody!

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