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Hey Jude, don't make it bad. Take a sad song and make it better

Well, after a long night of slacking off and spamming my sister's journal, I have decided to go to bed. (That and Ci is going to bed, and it loses the effect).

My efforts were not completely fruitless though.

Inspired by both the Survivor episode tonight and Cici getting a new icon, I have made myself one.

Jeff - Flamer.

*smirk* I like it a lot.

OH! And I mentioned the Heidi Chronicles letter that we are supposed to be getting (a lot of people already got it and some students are pretty angry/upset/annoyed). I was amazed for myself because my parents and I don't really *talk* much. Not that we had a deep conversation or anything, but I mentioned it, and that we'd be getting a letter against the language and portrayal of a gay character and my dad said: "I saw that. It was fine." And coming from my father that's pretty impressive. So yay for parental support of a cause.

This is *me*
This is *me going to bed*

Goodnight moon.

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