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I was wasted in the afternoon waiting on a train.I woke up in pieces and Elizabeth disappeared again

It is 74 degrees out!

And sunny!!

And it's so incredibly beautiful!

Which means my room is an igloo! (Basement -> under ground -> no natural heat -> heat from furnace -> furnace off when nice upstairs -> my room freezing)

But today was good. During French, this kid Tony and I were paired up and writing sentences about needs and wants (mmm...subjunctive) and we were amusing ourselves by saying things like "Mes grand-parents voudrais que je tue un elephant rouge" = My grandparents want me to kill a pink elephant. And we had a lot of sentences using "le crack". Like "Il defends que mes amis fument le "crack" dans ma chambre". It's forbidden for my friends to smoke crack in my room.

Eh, we are children. It's okay.


So much goodness in theatre today!!!

So we are in an audition unit, and have been working on monologues. Our grade for this unit, thus, was performing the monologue in a professional audition setting. You go in, say "Hi, I'm Gail and I will be performing the monologue 'Maid of Honor'". And you hand them the resume (that I wrote up yesterday in class. I've been in 4 shows and on the technical side of 11). Then you do the monologue and after he asks you a question.

My monologue is comedic. Really, very funny, and I actually use a New York accent and everything. It's great. And I totally nailed it! People were even laughing during it.

After class, three people sought me out to tell me that I did a great job, and another said I was fantastic in passing. I was talking to this one kid and he said that Carl was keeping a straight face for everyone else and wasn't showing any emotion, but that he started to laugh during mine, and was trying hard not to smile during it. *throws arms up* I am Spartacus!

Woo! So I was really excited. Go me!

Now I need sustenance and to enjoy the beautiful day. Hmmm...

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