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But who is this Santa Evita? Why all this howling, hysteric and sorrow?

A lovely ending to a lovely day.

Well, semi-lovely ending. Just realized I have to make applesauce (by hand...the 1917 way) for our WWI unit in History. Yeah, he's crazy. We forgive him because he can make me laugh.

But! I went to Ci's and made a pretty icon (which I saved on her computer but forgot to a) upload and b) save to a disk. Hell I didn't even c) email it to myself) Oh will come.

And she made yummy dinner. And I got to watch West Wing! Even though it was a was good.

Donna: He's wants to be president to reform education and improve the internet?
Josh: She has a point.
CJ: Well, sometimes you get your head on a coin.

Whee!! Then! We watched the first episode of the first season of Queer as Folk! It makes a lot more sense than the second half of the fifth episode of the second season that I watched before.

And! I'm going to get to sleep in tomorrow! At least until 8. Possibly until 9! Mostly depending on when I wake up. If I'm up by 8, Mama's taking me to school at 8:30 then driving Aunt Judy to the airport. If I'm not up yet, she taking Judy to the airport, then taking me to school. My first class tomorrow is History, 3rd period, starting around 9:55. Bwahahaha!


Could I be on any more crack?? Seriously!

I should go to my French and History homework!

I'll return when I can pull myself off the ceiling.

*bounces around room and gets stuck to ceiling* Dammit.

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