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So last night was my first dance class (Beginning Modern) and it was so much fun. I think I liked it more than Nikki, but that's okay. We also knew a couple other people in the class, 2 were in my theatre class (what are the chances?). Anyway, we started out with a bunch of stretches and simple dance moves. Though most of the class seemed pretty good as a whole, I'm not very flexible. It was okay, however, because there wasn't a real emphasis on doing everything exactly perfect, more on doing it how you can with the right form. We learned a bunch of basic steps and even began to learn our "routine". It's a pretty cool class and I'm having so much fun. However, this morning when I woke up, I felt the muscles that I hadn't used in a while (especially my quads, ouch).

After our class, Nikki and I went to Panera for dinner (yum) then went to Lindsey's house for a couple games of pool and to watch The Emperor's New Groove (yes, that makes twice in one day). It was okay though because watching a kids movie is so much better with a groups of high school aged friends, because none of the humor is lost to small children who only watch because it's mesmerizing colors on a screen.

Anyway, that was my evening. Now I'm back to my day job of babysitting, and hoping to god that the child will nap after lunch because it's so gloomy out (yucky drizzle - which I actually enjoy, puts me in a better mood, but then again, I'm crazy). If child sleeps, I can hang out and do nothing, maybe call a few friends, whatever. I'm sure I'll write back later.

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