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And all those friends, where did they go? I don't know

First off, my friend's list was huge today. You all talk a lot. Thanks! The more you write, the more time I put off homework!

I'm a dumbass. I wake up this morning after 6 hours of sleep and convince myself that I shouldn't be tired because with my nap I got well over 9 hours. I just now realized that I'm and idiot and only got 7 and a half. Somehow my mind was about two hours off. Can I blame this on Daylight Savings??

I'm quiet today, if that makes sense. Like calm, mellow, content (all those lovely LJ moods). I don't know. I guess I'm sort of on the happy side of mellow, so yay.

I should go find out what Daddy wants to do for dinner. Mama's at my aunt's house, so we are flying solo. I think my Aunt Judy is leaving for Florida (because of cousin Annette's operation) and staying with her for a week. Hmm...

Yes. Me. Gone. Now. Bye.

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