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I figured since I got a nap tonight, I could stay up later than planned.

I did my English reading (which, I might add, isn't due until Wednesday). Go me.

Also finished Calculus. Amazing, again.

Didn't do French or History, but I have more than enough time in the morning.

Okay, this is kinda gross, but remember when I mentioned getting ouchies on my feet from flip flops? Well, one foot just has what looks like a big open blister. The skin is all torn up in a small place, but it's nothing unusual and will head somewhat quickly. The other foot though...it has like a pus build up. I don't think that's good, but I'm just going to leave it alone.
Note to self: Give ample time for breaking in flip flops. Spring is always a killer.

Think I'm heading to bed now. Regardless of the fact that I've only been up for three hours. I really needed the sleep.

Goodnight moon.

What were you in a past life?

Money was scarce and it didn't take much to convince you to sell yourself off to the highest bidder. Sometimes you had fine clothing, expensive jewelry, but more often you had faded garments and bruises only half-hidden by your outfit and your makeup. You didn't have any real objection to what you did or why, but you always dreamed of a 'better life', of one day getting out of the business. You died a whore, never managing to claw your way out.

This lifetime, don't sell yourself so short... don't sell yourself at all. Money's not THAT tight, no matter how it may feel. You deserve a better life, and this time around you have a chance at it, if you are willing to take that chance. There's nothing wrong with doing what is necessary, unless and until it hurts you. Grubbing after money, handing off your body, THAT hurts you.

Hmm...interesting. I keep telling myself to stop selling my body on the streets for money.

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