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We'll love you just the way you are...if you're perfect

Today has been weird. Like insanely weird.

I started sleepy and getting out of bed late and angry (I still am actually. I want sleep, dammit!).

But I got everything I needed to get done, done. And even though we had a substitute in my English group today, she seemed to really like me and said I did a great job directing discussion. Woo! I like being praised for English. Makes me happy.

And I think I did well on a Calculus not-so-pop pop quiz that he told us about but everyone forgot. So yay.

But all day, I've been weird. Like, a little antsy, a little bouncy. But nerves more than excitement. It's so bizarre. And I may have almost cried today. Twice.

Hmm...maybe I'll take a quick nap before dinner...whenever that will be. Mama works late during tax season.

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