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I can't sleep tonight, everybody saying everything is alright

So um...I was a slack this evening and didn't even start Calculus. Eh, plenty of time in the morning.

But I had fun with the dislexicon.
1: gail marieing (gail marie-ing) action, process or art of gail marie
2: ornithogail marie (ornitho-gail marie) bird gail marie
3: gail marieoid (gail marie-oid) having the appearance of gail marie
4: metagail marie (meta-gail marie) changed from or later than gail marie
5: overgail marieability (over-gail marie-ability) inclination or suitability for excessive gail marie

Inclination for excessive gail marie. Hahaha. Eh, I was entertained.

And I am out of paper for my printer. Hope I don't need to print anything anytime soon.

I think I should, um, go do the things with the stuff...and yeah. Sleep maybe.

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