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My day.

Filled with insights and goals. I'm actually feeling pretty good.

So at the party today, which was a big lunch, I start talking to Allie about this thing I saw on the AIM advertisement. It advertised the European AIDS Vaccine Ride. I mentioned how I would love to do that, and the site, http://www.bethepeople.com/ also advertised other AIDS and Breast Cancer walks.

She and I already have this thing. She's a runner, so one of her life goals is to run in a 100 mile Ultra-marathon. Mine is to do the Tour de France. I just think it's really awesome and would love to do that.

So this summer, I have decided to work on getting in shape. Eating healthier, biking more (or at all for that matter), and then maybe sometime in the near future I will be able to do a 500 mile, 7-day ride to find an AIDS Vaccine from Amsterdam to Paris. Or if not Europe, then the 500 mile, 6-day ride from the Twin Cities to Chicago, or the 5-day, 400 mile ride from Montreal to Portland, Maine. I don't know...something that feels like I have accomplished something big.

I think the thing most within my reach right now would be the Breast Cancer 3-day walk (60 miles) from Kenosha to Chicago, so maybe that could be my goal for next summer, or the summer after, provided I train for it.

Also today, I bought The Making of What's Going On?, which provided further inspiration to do something good that could help others.

Hmm. Must continue to think about this.

[Oh, I also made the goal to read Blonde by Joyce Carol Oates (a 740-page novel about Marilyn Monroe) over the summer.]

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