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When he left her behind, it never crossed her mind there is no Arizona

My toe still hurts, and is actually swollen now. It's frickin' huge! And looks all yucky and bruised.

Mentally, though, I'm feeling a bit better. I sort of spazzed for a little bit (it was really fucking weird), then I started to get my mind off of things and forget about it.

So yes. I need sleep now, because my computer informed me that it is now Daylight Savings Time which means it's 3, and not 2. Damn. It's weird to think that you will not have lived through the hour of 2 o'clock on April 7, 2002. It's just gone. *bam* like that. You can't say that you were up at 2:30 because there was no 2:30. It doesn't exist...unless of course, you live somewhere that doesn't change clocks, like half of Indiana.

Goodnight moon.

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