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drove away in

So um...I'm walking with a limp. Why? Because I stubbed my little pinky toe on my right foot. I'm fairly certain it's broken, but it's a toe, so there's nothing that can be done. It's all bruised and has a big blood blister on it. Eww. And it hurts like hell to walk on.

In other news, I helped move my sister Emily to a new apartment. It's very nice. And when I say "help", I mean sleep in and arrive about an hour and a half late when the only things left to move are the couch and love seat. So I unpacked DVDs and snowglobes. That was it. Eh, I'm a slacker, but mommy didn't wake me up before they left, so really it's her fault.

Oh, I broke my toe at Em's new apartment. I stubbed it on the corner of a wall and it hurt then, but I let it go...until it didn't stop hurting. At this time I checked it and saw the yucky blood blister.

It was at Cici's apartment (where I ended up tonight) that I realized it was hurting to walk on), and at home I discovered that it was all bruised and I was limping.

I think it takes a truly "special" person to break a toe like that. *pats myself on the head* Yes Helen, good Helen.*


Tomorrow, I have a birthday party to go to. I really want to because, you know, party. Yay. Friends. Fun. But on the other hand, I'd like to stay home, relax, stay off my toe, maybe do homework. Maybe watch a DVD. Just do nothing all day. *sigh* My weekends in April are completely booked.


I don't want to go to bed. I think I might play Sims Vacation


Oh shoot. Daylight Savings...we lose and hour, so it's really 11? Spring ahead, fall back? Yes, I think that's right. I should change my clock now. Heh. The good thing is, the computers and my VCR and I think cell phone change themselves, and I never bothered to change my watch or wall clock in the first place. I only have to worry about my alarm clock. Score!


Tried to find Making of What's Going On? today. Failed. Though I only checked the bad Best Buy, the crappy Target and a going-out-of-business KMart (hoping for a good sale). Tomorrow I might hit the good Target and Best Buy, though I still think I'll end up SOL.


I'm extraordinarily random tonight.


Watched my first ever episode of Queer as Folk today at Ci's. Well, half an episode, but I enjoyed it. Then we watched Real World: Chicago. It was great.


I should stop being all boring and go do something. I'll be back, fear not.

*Evil joking reference to Helen Keller that I do when someone says something really obvious or "special". I know I'm a bad person. It's okay, really.

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