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I've seen fire and I've seen rain. I've seen sunny days that I thought would never end


*clears throat*



It completely just hit me that TOMORROW IS THE NSYNC CONCERT!!!! Pretty, sparkly, dancing boys!!!! Two nights in a row!!!!


I am so freaking excited!!!!!

Ci!! What are the plans? You want to pick me up from school at 6 and go then? It's at Allstate, right? So it won't take too long to get there?



Okay, done with that. *wipes forehead* That was exhausting. Today was pretty good.
History test initial grade: 81%
History grade after curve: 92%
All things should work out like that.

And, and, and...whoa, I need to calm down. *deep breath* English was basically another blow off, though my group had a fun time debating whether Catherine and Lt. Henry are in love.

And, okay, so nothing else is coming to mind as being good. Eh.

I'm still freakin' excited!! And so bouncy!!! TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!

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