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What would you say if I took those words away, then you couldn't make things new

So today was a good day. I'd say it's a 7. Like horoscopes in the Tribune. Scorpio: Today is a 7. Yes. Wonder what it really is? Wonder if has daily horoscopes, because that would be fucking awesome. Especially if they could email me daily!

Whoo, I think I'm losing it. I'm way to perky.

I must say, the best invention ever was the French spell and grammar check. Simply amazing. Madame was impressed with how well that was done. I usually have a ton of spelling errors. Nope, this time it was pronoun agreement and passe compose versus the imparfait.

History test wasn't bad, and because I didn't have English (but I did turn in my essay), I was free 2nd, and Allie's history class was in the library, so I talked to her the whole period. Whee!

I totally understand the Calculus stuff that I didn't get yesterday, so I feel it is unnecessary to do the homework. *nods* I didn't even bring it home.

The only homework I have tonight is English. A Farewell to Arms. It's a pretty good book...or at least the chapter or two I've actually read. I have about 100 pages to read tonight (AHAHAHAHAHA!), so we'll see how that goes, but that's all I have to do since I finished my French at school.

*bounces around*

Woo! Lay off the caffeine, eh Gail?

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