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Someone like you, makes it hard to live without somebody else

Oh, this is going to hurt when I have to get up in five hours. Ouch.

Let's review:
English: No class tomorrow, so homework is for Wednesday. Didn't do it yet. But I did what was due for today and the essay is being turned in as though I did it weeks ago. Shhh. Don't tell.
History: Didn't do. It's to study, and I get to make a 4x6 notecard. Will do in the morning.
French: Wrote the f%$ing paper. Will edit with French spell and grammar check in the morning, before my conference with Madame.
Calculus: Done! but half-assed it. Oh well.

Okay. So definitely in need of some sleep. Going to need a lot of concealer in the morning for these bags under my eyes.

Goodnight moon.

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