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I'm 24% teenie bop. I guess that's not too bad. The section on NSYNC totally screwed me over. Do you like all their songs, can you name each one, first and last. Um, yes. Oh well. Wanna know how teenie you are? Click here.

Got 7 hours of sleep last night. So impressive, considering I went to bed so late. Woke up around 11:30.

Went to Target. Bought a bunch of stuff for my car. A trash bag thing, flashlight with batteries, bungee cords, a hammer, a US atlas, a tire gauge, and a car charger for my cell phone. Did you know that they don't sell ice scrapers in the summer? Go figure. I also couldn't find jumper cables, but my dad said we have an extra set in the garage. I'll have to steal them. Better to be safe and prepared than sorry and stuck on the side of the road. That would suck a lot.

I'm really in the mood to go driving around, but I have no destination. Hmm, could present a problem. Perhaps I will watch a movie. While at Target I bought Miss Congeniality and The Best of Friends on DVD. (what, you thought I could get out of that store without buying useless crap that I don't really need? Ha ha ha! *wipes at tear from eye* That's a good one!)

Yeah, so now I'm kinda bored. Caught TRL. The cast of American Pie 2 was on, and now I totally want to see it. I didn't enjoy the first one all that much, although it did have it's high points. "Pop" was at number one. Finally beat out Sum 41 after three days. I like "Fat Lip", but I gotta be true to my boys. Carson looked good today, though I've always been a fan of Carson. (Major hottie!!) <- That was another reason I'm 24% teenie. I like Carson and I overuse the word "hottie". I'm totally not teenie though. True, I can be on occasion, but most of the time, I'm not.

Wish I was seeing NSYNC today, but I think I can wait a week. I honestly was looking forward more to BBMak being there. Now I kind of hope they aren't, so it's not like we would have made the long trip to sit in bad seats and be disappointed that our favorite beautiful British boyband wasn't there. Did that make sense at all? I followed it, and that's all that really matters, now isn't it.

I can't believe how late it is already. I usually update long before this. Hell, in half an hour, it's quittin' time.

I had the weirdest feeling earlier. I was driving down the road, squinting my eyes cus the sun was glaring in the window. My head was slightly fuzzy from not sleeping enough and the bumps of the road gave me this feeling of dread. Monday. It must be a Monday. It feels like a Monday. I just got back from an action backed weekend that wasn't the least bit relaxing, and now I have to get back into routine and struggle to get through the long and tedious 5 days that lie ahead. Then it hit me. *smack upside the head* It's Thursday. Tomorrow is Friday and the weekend begins. A smile hit my face and the sun in my eyes no longer bothered me. More than half the week was over, and soon, it will be Saturday. Oh happy day! Sundays are even better (but only during the summer). I enjoy Sunday so much. Yeah weekend! So much pleasure and happiness. *sigh* Relief.

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