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Reach into my head to steal the glory of my story, they say I must be one of the wonders

Okay, call me a geek, but I just had a lot of fun writing a three and a half page (double spaced) essay entitled "The Ultimate Pessimistic Attack: Love". (In less than an hour. Score!) Yes, I shall turn it in for English credit.

It's an extremely rough draft, but if anyone wants to read it ever, I could post it. God, I love writing fun essays. (and that is not an oxymoron)

I really should do my Calculus homework. Gasper would be mad if I didn't. He practically pleaded with the class today to do the homework. It's sad really.

Yes, this is my last post (I think) so goodnight all! it possible to feel accomplished and slackerish at the same time?

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