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In a perfect world, plucking eyebrows doesn't sting, nor are they bright red afterward. Geez, you'd think they'd be use to it by now. Silly eyebrows.

Am seriously considering writing a pessimistic essay on love rather than do my Calculus homework. Hey, I might even be able to get English credit for it. Heh.

And cause I'm really, really bored...

My Cast of Characters
Mom and Dad - aka Mama, Mommy, Mother, Father, Daddy, Dadoo. I talk about the quite frequently. Not usually in good context. *sighs* At least we don't usually fight, we just don't overly like each other.
Cici - Oldest sister, and friend. We do tons of stuff together. I talk about her a lot. I invade her life a lot. It's all good.
Dave - only brother. 10 years older than me. Getting married in June to Katie.
Emily - Second oldest sister. Was married in September to Tom. I was a bridesmaid. She's moving to a new apartment on Saturday. (6 years older than me)
Fayanne - Attending college at Eastern Illinois. Closest to my age, she is 5 years older than me. Has adorable boyfriend Brad.
Cici - (again?!?!) Nope, this is my cat. She's calico and fat. I usually just call her "cat" or "kitty". Sometimes it's "stupid cat".
Baby - My car...though if I'm talking about her in this, it's usually "my $#&*ing car!!!"
Stephanie - cousin, 9 months older than me. Grew up with her.
Judy - Stephanie's mom, my mom's sister. They are like best friends. Mom and I go with Judy and Steph to Florida every thanksgiving.
Annette - cousin in Florida who we go to visit. In her 30's. Recently had surgery, so Judy and Mom flew down to visit.
Sharon, (Judy, Barb - mom) Bonnie, Donna and Denise - Aunts. In descending order. There are 6 girls, Mama is the third oldest. Sharon's getting married on April 27th, Denise lives in the Upper Pennisula of Michigan, Bonnie's a bit whacked.
Grandma - The one and only grandparent still living, and is the mother of ^that^ hoard of daughters. I'm convinced she hates me.
Assorted Friends:
In college: Lindsay (University of Michigan), Bridgette (Columbia, Chicago), Elliott (Columbia, Chicago), Lewis (Rochester, NY), Jenny (Miami, FL), Mary (Dayton, OH), Katy (University of Illinois)
Around town: Allie (best friend), Amanda, Nikki, Melissa, Carly, Candace, Caitlin (complain a lot about her), Steph, JC, Charlie, Zoe, Goldy, Zach (cutie gay boy). I think those are all I talk about...eh, sure.
Adult teacher people: Carl - Theatre director/teacher, Eric - Tech director (stage crew), Huff - History teacher, Zima - best gym teacher ever, Sullivan - second best gym teacher ever, Madame - French teacher who loves us, Gasper - Calculus teacher, Mr. Wolf - English teacher (only one who I use a title for...hmm...)

I think those are all the people I talk about. *shrugs* Oh well. I also think I've wasted enough time.

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