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I'll live for you, I'll make it what I never was, if you're the best, then maybe so am I


Home = good.

Crew was good today. Like...good. Like, it hasn't been good for me recently. But it was. It was good.

School was okay. Isn't it amazing how you go back and it feels like you've never even left?? *big le sigh*

So...Mother Nature played a nice April Fool's Day joke. Starting at about 2pm, it started snowing. *cries* I hate snow. And it's Spring!! No snow in Spring! It's sticking, but the ground is still pretty warm, so nothing big is accumulating...yet. I swear. If I wake up and there is ground cover, I'm not going to school.

Tomorrow I don't have English. It's a free period. Which means my first class starts at 9:55. Almost 10. And I get to school at 7:45. *cries* I wanna sleep in!!!!

Good news, I can help Em move on Saturday. Tech doesn't begin until next week. Apparently stuff got really messed up and we are ahead or something, so everything is being pushed back. Yay.

I'm freezing. And I wish I had more Sprite.

Headache. Blah.

Homework. Double blah. Triple blah.

Really tired. Want to nap. Mmmm...nap. *tries not to fall asleep at the computer*

* to be productive*

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