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Easter is over. Everyone has left.

Really, there were only 9 people total...not too many. Less than my immediate family, because Fayanne didn't come up from school and Emily's husband didn't come either. Oh well, it was fun. I enjoy family a lot...when it's not parents. Or extended. Eh, I like my siblings.

Mama got on my nerves quite a bit. A couple times mentioning (off-handed, of course) how I never go to church. Bite me. Then, for Easter each of us kids got money. I got $50 and she made a big deal about giving it to me (after everyone had left). Yes, you are a fucking saint. Now go away.

*rolls eyes*

I could complain more. About Mom. About how within 5 years I can picture her living in a condo on the Gulf of Mexico. Florida bound, with Aunt Judy. Just give her time. I don't think Dad would be going with.

Is it bad if I just finished Spring Break, haven't even gone to school yet, and already I feel like I need a "mental health day" or "personal day". I need to call in sick tomorrow. I haven't written my French paper, and technically I don't need it until Tuesday, so I guess I'm doing it tomorrow.

I'm just so tired. And I slept late this morning. And took a nap before dinner. And it's not the turkey. It's exhaustion. God, I can't take this again. Last time I was like this was hell. But I guess I'll make it through, huh?

Dance show. It's the next thing I'm working on. I'm assistant stage manager, so I'm sitting backstage. It's not a hard job for dance show. It is for the Musical or STUNTS, but not dance show. So the techs shouldn't be bad. But tech starts Wednesday. I'm supposed to help my sister Emily move on Saturday to a new apartment, starting at 10am. But I have tech from 9 until 5 that day. I'm going to ask Eric if it's still mandatory, because some things have been changed around, but I think I'm going to have to be there. And Zoe's birthday party is the 20th, around 7pm, and I'm called for a show from 6pm until midnight. I probably can't go to that either.

And I fucking hate the month of April. Shit. Maybe I can sleep through it. The entire month.


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