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The evening.

Reminded me of summer.

Makes me not want to return to school forever and ever.

We went to Woodfield to play at the Apple Store (and I posted from there. Mmm...PowerBook...). Then, because Cheesecake Factory was too expensive *major frown* we went to Red Robin instead. It's a burger place, but edging on the side of Southwest/Mexican. Weird.

But, uh...I'm sort of a kleptomaniac, so I now have an entire container of Red Robin Seasoning. It goes well with my
-Chili's menu
-Jack Daniel's glass from Giordano's
-Applebee's fork
-Chili's knife
-Olive Garden fork
-Huge stake knife from somewhere
-Knife from somewhere
-Spoon from somewhere

Eh, I wish I could remember stuff. The glass, menu and seasonings are definitely the coolest. Yeah, I know. Stealing is bad. But it's not like I'm not paying for food, or not leaving a tip. Or taking things that have an actual value. It's a menu. They change those every couple months anyway. And the seasoning? Eh, plenty of those lying around.


I'm on the verge of bleh-ness. It might have something to do with Easter. And me having a ton of work to do tomorrow. Ew.

If I never go to bed, can I hold off tomorrow indefinitely?

I'm getting to that point again, where I don't want to go to school. That was horrible. *sigh*

But I'm seeing NSYNC in like 5 days...twice. So I should be happy, right? Right?

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