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Look straight in the window, try not to look below, pretend I'm not up here, I try counting sheep

The evening.

Reminded me of summer.

Makes me not want to return to school forever and ever.

We went to Woodfield to play at the Apple Store (and I posted from there. Mmm...PowerBook...). Then, because Cheesecake Factory was too expensive *major frown* we went to Red Robin instead. It's a burger place, but edging on the side of Southwest/Mexican. Weird.

But, uh...I'm sort of a kleptomaniac, so I now have an entire container of Red Robin Seasoning. It goes well with my
-Chili's menu
-Jack Daniel's glass from Giordano's
-Applebee's fork
-Chili's knife
-Olive Garden fork
-Huge stake knife from somewhere
-Knife from somewhere
-Spoon from somewhere

Eh, I wish I could remember stuff. The glass, menu and seasonings are definitely the coolest. Yeah, I know. Stealing is bad. But it's not like I'm not paying for food, or not leaving a tip. Or taking things that have an actual value. It's a menu. They change those every couple months anyway. And the seasoning? Eh, plenty of those lying around.


I'm on the verge of bleh-ness. It might have something to do with Easter. And me having a ton of work to do tomorrow. Ew.

If I never go to bed, can I hold off tomorrow indefinitely?

I'm getting to that point again, where I don't want to go to school. That was horrible. *sigh*

But I'm seeing NSYNC in like 5 days...twice. So I should be happy, right? Right?

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