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4 hours and 20 minutes past legal's a record!!

Well, for me at least. Eventful evening that I don't really feel like writing about, so I'll summarize.

Went to Lindsay's. She made us chicken nuggets for dinner (wow, 7 o'clock was a long time ago, and I haven't eaten since. 8 and a half conscious hours with no food. Impressive, I think.)
Watched The Wayne Brady Show with Justin. He's so cute. One of my friends said he sounds like a girl. Had to restrain from hitting her. *laugh*
Watched good. I love it so much.
Went to Lewis's at 11:30 when we were kicked out of Lindsay's. Watched Clerks. I've now seen all 4 Kevin Smith films and am anxiously awaiting Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, with is set to be released August 24th.
Watched infomercials and the home shopping networks for over an hour. There are a lot of infomercials on at 2am. It was entertaining.
Left Lewis's at 3:15. I'm pretty sure it's the latest I've been out with non-relatives. Yea me.

Really tired now. Must sleep for long times. Will awake sometime later today. I don't think I'm talented enough to sleep all the way through a day. Besides, I'll have to babysit.

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