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The sun is up, the sky is blue, it's beautiful, and so are you

I had that little dancing blob thing on my user info page, but he started to piss me off, so I deleted him.

Also, I just finished watching Miss Congeniality. It was a spur of the moment thing, but it was funny. I enjoy Sandra Bullock, and Benjamin Bratt...yum...

Mama called. Her flight has been delayed for at least a half hour. She's not sure why, and they aren't positive when they will be taking off. Eep. I hope everything goes well.

I'm really bouncy, and need a shower. I wonder when Dadoo is coming home. He's working today, but I don't know until when. Perhaps 4. Eh.

Wanna know what sucks really bad? Remembering two days before the end of break that you still have to read 78 pages (of small print on large pages) of Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms. I also still have that big French paper to write. Eh, there's always tomorrow.

Just heard from Mama again. Her flight that was supposed to leave at 3pm EST (so, 6 minutes ago) has been canceled. They are supposed to come back in an hour and a half to find out what's going on, and the only outbound flight that is currently unassigned is a flight in from New York at nine. Meaning the earliest her flight would leave would be 10, getting her back to Chicago at midnight. Happy Easter, Mama.

Must go shower. Then go to Ci's and disturb her cleaning of the house. MUAHAHAHAHA!

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