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Heavy, on my, it's just you and no one else

The randomizer is like me on crack...or more crack than I've been on the past few days.

gailmarie's livejournal?
(since some of you don't get it: this is an "interpretation"
of the content in gailmarie's journal.)

Creeps sugar before bed. I think I'm in a rug? Me;
out of substance. Hint I am now I love Bill Amend:
and she is, not watch them to me Yay! From bed Almost
Famous if you've seen it you all and sighs Woo!

Creeps sugar before bed? Yup, sounds like me.

More highlights:
why it's crack the shower and Cici walking now the hell was; good love; you rainbow sherbet. It's sad.

Natasha Richardson, and she beat me but I'm entertaining

[I keep getting things with 'Creeps sugar before bed'. Huh? All your base are belong to us?]

my finding an empty stomach: Hmm. From her; merry way

Are you on a lemming! [Is that like 'are you on crack'?]

In honor of substance. Then; we to go rent it, is pure like; random stuff is like me: an interpretation of fun

I'm more crack than I've been on a lemming! [Ah, that makes sense now...or not.]

Rach's comment emailed to show for a rug? It's winter.

Woo. Okay, enough for now. I'll amuse myself silently now.

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