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She thinks I can't see the smiles she's been faking, posing for pictures that I'll be untaking

Laser tag was a lot of fun. God, I haven't done that in so long. My team kicked some major ass...both times. Then we got ice cream from Baskin Robbins. It's sad. My last $2 were spent on a $1.75 scoop of rainbow sherbet. Eh, at least it was good. And now I am broke.

We are supposed to go to the Apple Store tomorrow, followed by dinner at Cheesecake Factory. Well, the Apple Store is free because we just abduct their computers and make fun little movies and stuff. However. Cheesecake Factory? That's like...$20 a person, minimum. Hmm...I guess I'll ask parents. I always feel horrible asking. They've given me so much as it is.

*great big hugs* to everyone who has been having a less than satisfactory evening. I love you all, and cheer up. Things can only look up from her.

I'm going to scatter for a while. I'll be back before bed though.

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