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Bored, bored, bored

So today is JC's birthday. That's happy. Tomorrow is the concert in Louisville, which would be happy, but I'm not going. *sniff* The best we could get was in the corner of A-5. Hopefully next week for Indiana, we can get a lot closer. Then it's less of a drive too. 4 hours instead of eight. I was still kinda looking forward to it. I wonder if they'll do anything cool or special for JC's birthday. Maybe take time out of the concert and sing happy birthday. I would die to see that, but I'm not going. *pout*

7 days until Indiana.

I'm watching the Diary of Chris Tucker on MTV. It's sooooo funny. He's great. The only other Diary I've seen was Chris Rock, and I can tell you. Black comedians have the best and funniest lives. I can't stop laughing. He's currently singing Shaggy's Wasn't Me. So great.

I'm gonna go now. Not sure what I'm gonna do, but I'm gonna go. Exciting entry, I know. Oh well, I'm only here to entertain, and I'm not in the mood to entertain today. Go rent a comedy. I've never seen it, but I would suggest Rush Hour, cus Chris Tucker is really funny.

::Music:: (yes, I am watching TV and listening to music)
*Loser - 3 Doors Down
*Here's to the Night - Eve 6
*Jimmy Fallon's Spring Break Medley

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