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Okay, this is pure spam.

First, I'm a lemming, and now I have a blob to show for it.
Adopt your own useless blob!
I call him Balbazar.

Also, there is nothing better than getting out of the shower and putting on a sweater still warm from the dryer, and feel all cozy like it's winter...and it's 50 degrees outside.

Also...I thought this was really funny. Conversation between Candace and I:

dice6385: fine then. i'll just have to go respond to that
honeygailmarie: Fine then.
dice6385: alright
honeygailmarie: Hee hee...
dice6385: evil lady
honeygailmarie: I know. It's horrible.
dice6385: what are we to do with you?

Auto response from honeygailmarie: Uno momento por favor.

honeygailmarie: Take me out and beat me like a rug?
dice6385: sounds fun, lets go
honeygailmarie: Woo!
dice6385: yippee!
honeygailmarie: It can be a party. We should invite people. And bring snacks.

I don't know, but I'm cracking up.


This has completely your daily serving of Spam. End transmission.

honeygailmarie: Calories don't count at a party
honeygailmarie: Everyone knows that
dice6385: just like they don't count when you share with people
honeygailmarie: Yes!
dice6385: mmm...invisable calories
honeygailmarie: They are the best kind. Well, second best. Negative calories are damn cool
dice6385: i want to know how to get some of those
honeygailmarie: Those are the special ones
dice6385: can you hook me up?
honeygailmarie: I wish I could
dice6385: you mean, you, queen of the world, can't?
honeygailmarie: My powers are somewhat limited, yes
dice6385: how terrible. you should get that fixed
honeygailmarie: Yeah, I'm working on that

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