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Hold on, hold on to yourself. This is gonna hurt like hell

OH!!! I remembered a dream I had a couple days ago! Can't believe I didn't post it, it must have slipped my mind.

So, I'm at an NSYNC concert. But it's not normal. It's like they were playing for two nights, but the first night was a really small one, at sort of a House of Blues sort of place. But there were so few people that they could have chairs in the standing area. Literally, there were like 15 people.

So I'm standing, not in the concert area, but outside in this little lobby area. I think they were sound checking because they had to keep stopping and people would yell at them and they would talk back. It was bizarre.

Most of the people stayed out in the lobby, but I ventured in and sat down on an end chair as this guy sits next to me. Had there been a chair on the other side, I probably wouldn't have sat directly next to him, because that's how I am. I always have to leave a space and I remember thinking that during the dream.

The guy and I start chatting a little, I notice he has the white "Staff" shirt, and an ID thing around his neck. I ask him what he does during a normal show (because this wasn't the usual big set-up). 'This,' he said. 'Oh, fun,' I mocked and he laughed. He said that he helps his brother before and after shows.

Perplexed, I ask 'Your brother?'. 'Yeah, Joey'. 'Cool,' I said, and we continue chit-chatting.

So me and Steve. *laughs* Does Joey have another brother? I'm sure he does, but one of them and I are meant to be because my dream told me so. *giggles* Gail Fatone just doesn't have that ring to it. Damn.

Dream one of last night:
This girl and I, Simone, were going to be in a play. I don't really like Simone, but I got to know her during Sound of Music, so it's not absurd that we would be working together.

In the play, there are 4 identical quadruplet girls. They aren't real though, they are fairies or something like that. Think Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, because they all stand in a line with arms linked, and are a comic character. Two of the girls had already been costumed, make-uped and hair done.

I had the costume and hair (Dutch dresses with petticoats, and pigtail braids), I just needed make up, which involved glitter. There was this glitter spray that was supposed to go on my hair, but Simone said it wouldn't work unless it was poured on. So as she was dumping this crap on my hair, she was explaining that it was ammonia and would help the glitter stick. (I don't know what ammonia actually does to hair, but I don't think it's good.) Then we were looking for something, and wandered all around the woodshop, auditorium and studio theatre, never finding it.

The dream ends there, but in the next dream, I had been cut from the play, though still needed to get there on time.

Dream two of the night:
It starts at the ending of a field trip. We were in a huge mansion house, from the early 20's...history field trip. It had elaborate rooms that connected to each other and was like a maze. There were huge staircases to go up to the numerous floors and levels. We learned that the back door was never locked, because there were servants and security all over the place to guard it.

Allie and I decide to go back because we were looking for something, a clue of sorts, or riddle. We get in the back, and walk up the big staircase and end up near a bunch of bedrooms. I walk into on, then through a doorway to a bathroom. That bathroom was connected to another bathroom, then a bedroom, and then the original bedroom. I look through a doorway, which leads to a hall and see a black and white checked piece of flooring. I yell to Allie because on the tour we learn that this was the only non-carpeted part of the entire house, and it was the entrance to the front door.

Se we get to this landing and I check my watch. If we don't leave now I'm going to be late for the show. We get out the door and there are some of the house staff giving us strange looks because we weren't supposed to be there, but they were polite and said "Good Afternoon" as we left.

We get into her new pale pink convertible that was her sister's and still had her sister's license plates on it. I made fun of her for it, but we get in.

As we are still parked there, the car turns into a restaurant. Like, we are sitting in the car seats, and the back of the car is there, but the front has a table top on it. We are looking at menus and some people come to talk to us. I notice the time and say we have to go, and the restaurant disappears and we drive away from the Mansion.

We go back to Allie's, which is not her house, but instead a huge castle-like abode. We park the car and run inside. We climb about 7 flights of stairs looking for the top. When we get there, there is nothing on that floor except two big doors. We open them, and are in a contained desert. In the middle, there is an obelisk/column thing with a really fat cat with four posts surrounding it, and 3 people. One plump woman, one man creature (like something from The Mummy) and another person that we never see.

We walk through the blowing sand to get to the middle and hear the plump woman and the man creature arguing about something. I say something to defend the woman, or agree with her, and the creature hits me and I fall over. The woman yells at him and Allie says whatever code or riddle thing we had found, and the woman tells us that we get the cat. And takes down the very furry, very large animal and gives it to Allie. I get up and the both of us walk out of the room, closing the door behind us.

I mention again that I'm late and we decide to find a room to put the cat in and just leaving. A lot of the doors are locked, and I try to force on open, only to find what appears to be dead bodies, but they are less dead, more deflated. We keep running down the stairs. We pass the vault, and I got back a few and push it open, I drop the cat in, because it's a full sized room with couch, fireplace, pool table, as well as large bags of money or whatever.

On our way out, I warn her little sister that there is a cat in the vault and to not let it escape.

I get in the car, and I'm waiting for her. She's being slow, and since the only pedal I can reach from the passenger seat is the break, I start to move it slowly forward. I glace back to her house and she that she's coming so I stop. Then I look to the side, and my dad is sitting on a porch swing, and my mom is walking around behind him. I think my sister Cici was even there. Everything starts going in slow motion. Allie running to the car is slowed, my father swinging is slowed, my mother walking is slowed. And my parents have a horribly sad look on their faces and I remember something about them picking me up to go somewhere.

Allie gets in the car and time returns to normal, and we leave quickly. I mention something about directions, and she says not to worry because she has the internet hooked up in her car. I pull out a lap top and it starts to give us directions to Antioch. Then the directions stop and it says that we should be able to find it on our own and the connects breaks. Now it's dark outside and we don't know what to do.

Dream three of the night:
We are putting on the production of Alice in Wonderland...apparently as a musical because it was in the auditorium. I'm backstage, though I'm not in it or on crew for it. For some reason I get onstage, and knowing that I'm not supposed to be there, I make it look like I know what I'm doing and walk over to some people and begin to stage talk to them. They tell me to stand next to them, shoulder to shoulder and follow their lead. I do and soon, Alice falls sideways and we catch her, then move downstage left and set her down again. When the curtain closes, I try to get off, but there is a bunch of furniture to be moved, so I pick up a table full of dished and carry it with Charlie. There is a back up as too many crew people are trying to move stuff out through the door to the fire corridor.

The curtain opens and the play continues, though the audience can see everything we are doing. I mention that the sightlines such and that someone should fix them, but all the traveler curtains are being used on stage as the set.

End of dreams. I think the NSYNC one was the best.

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