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I wanna be where I've never been before. I wanna be there and then I'd understand

*grumbles* I missed West Wing. I was actually home (or at least at a home) where I could watch it, and I forgot. Last Wednesday, I had a chorus concert. Before that, there was the musical. *grumbles again*

*grumbles yet again* I'm doing laundry. I don't usually mind long as it's my own. It's like dishes. I don't mind doing dishes if they are mine. I made the mess, I need to clean it up to use them again. So I'm not overly angry...I just have to remember to switch loads in a half hour. Plus it will probably unbalance because it's really full and I think there are 4 pairs of jeans in there. Eep.

Hmm...wonder what I should do while I wait.

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