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Are you inhibited in bed more than three times a week...

Out of all the lines in the song, that one gets stuck in my head. Oh well.

So, yay for having a life. Frisbee was fun, but it was colder than expected, so afterwards we went to Zoe's to watch Dogma. So good. I love Kevin Smith. I really should get Clerks on DVD. It's the only one I don't have...oh, and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, which I haven't even seen. Travesty!

I'm going to be going over to Ci's tonight (what's new there?), and tomorrow I might be going with Candace down to Elliott's. I haven't visited him since he moved and he keeps saying that I don't love him because I never talk to him. And I figure, while I'm on Spring Break and have time on my hands...why not.

So yay for having a life.

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