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I'm writing just to reach you, but I might never reach you, I only want to teach you

Dammit. I have no pants. All dirty. Mommy not here to do laundry. I knew this would happen. I have plenty of clean shirts and stuff, and I never bothered to check pants yesterday when I thought "Hmm, I could do so laundry. Nah, I have enough clothes."

Stupid Gail.

But!!!! I have a life!! I have friends!!! Whee!!

We are meeting at the park at 2, I guess to hang out and play frisbee or something. Apparently it's nice out. I wouldn't know. I'm a hermit. *grins* I like it too.

Must shower and find an alternative for pants...hmmm...

[Note: This is my fifth entry today...and Cici wonders why I have 350 posts more than her. Silly sister...(and yes, originally I wrote "silly kitty". AHAHA! I'm so easily amused.]

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