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I just remember that time at the market, snuck up behind me and jumped on my shopping cart

I'm up. Daddy's home from work today, but he's at a funeral right now. Don't know when he'll be home. Considering going out to get lunch, then realized I'm broke and will thus be staying home.

Ci - I'm free Friday. I'm free everyday. I have no life, I'm just grasping to the remainder of my Spring Break. Any good movies out? Ya know...other than Lord of the Rings? *smiles* I love you, big sis'er.

I just had a really weird urge to watch Run Lola, Run. And I would go rent it, but I have no money. But I have Evita and On the Line on DVD, so I guess that makes up for it??

Whatever. I need food. Be back later, I'm sure.

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