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That's me in the corner. That's me in the spotlight, losing my religion

Basically, I don't have one. I don't believe in organized religions, and I don't like them. I don't mind if other people do. They can believe whatever they want, and I won't feel lesser toward them in anyway. I don't push my beliefs on anyone, and hope that they will show the same respect in return.

If there is a test or application that asks for a religion, I mark the "none" or "other" or "prefer not to answer" bubble, just because I don't feel Christian. I may have been born like that, baptized and confirmed as a Christian, but I most certainly do not practice and that makes me a bad Christian if I am one at all.

For me, Easter is about getting fat on chocolate and eating hard boiled eggs for a week. Christmas is a time of family togetherness and gift-giving. In fact, a friend of mine wrote an article in the school newspaper comparing "Christmas" the birth of Christ, to "Crismis" the happy, commercialized gift-giving celebration.

This comes to my mind for a couple reasons. One, Easter is on Sunday, and we decorated (Ci and Zoe decorated, I played Zoe's Game Boy Advance) 3 dozen hard boiled eggs tonight. (Think that's a lot? Eh, we used to have 6 dozed every year. *nods* I wasn't exaggerating when I said you'd be eating them for a week). Also, because my mind wanders, I thought of a week ago Monday, when some kids at school had come back from a weekend religious retreat through their church.

Yeah, nevermind. I don't feel like telling the rest of the story. Eh, bedtime for me.

Edit: [11:23am, 3-27-02]
Scratch that...I'm continuing, because my insight is just that amazing.

To finish the other reason this came to mind, I was in Jewel, and it was packed with people, and I passed a woman looking for garlic matzo and there were signs advertising that the deli would be keeping kosher. And their bakery selection was rather disappointing, and I couldn't find the foccachia bread I wanted. Eh, I just thought it was funny.

Anywho, I was reading though people's journals this morning and noticed that a LOT of them used "god" in a casual sense. Like "My God he could not be an...*whatever*".

I guess I feel the need to clarify my beliefs. I don't think I mentioned, but my best friend doesn't have a religion either. We sort of have that in common, though it has never been a realized thing, except when we both start complaning about organized religions. Anyway, the difference between her and I is that she doesn't believe in a god, or a heaven, or angels, I suppose.

I do. I think that there is a higher being. Even if not logical, or scientifically plausable, I do. I guess you just have something to hold on to. I need there to be a heaven, because things can't just end like that. It's too definite. To finite. I couldn't deal with that, so I believe that there is a heaven, with angels and they watch over us.

I don't know how I feel about there being a hell, though I joke frequently about the fact that I'm already going there, so why bother trying to be good now? Comparatively, I'm probably far from the path to eternal damnation, but I think it's unfair for anyone to have to go there. I mean, mass murders, abusers of children, the truly terrible people out there, I would hope that they don't get the benefit of an afterlife. But I don't think having an affair or stealing things or falling out of touch with parents would get you to a fiery abyss. Those were just poor choices.

And I don't know how I feel about angels physically coming to help people, like in that TV show. I would assume that they just guide and support you from the cloud they rest upon and give you the will to overcome your obsticle.

Some might say that having a god would constitue having a religion, but there is no worshiping or sacrafice, or any of that needed. He will always be there, and always listen, and I don't have to pray to him at night to ensure that he loves me. He just does, because that's what he does, it's like his job. And there's a great amount of comfort in that. And comfort is what you are supposed to have in a religion. Peace, guidance. I have that, I suppose. I just don't associate it to any piece of text or piece of land or messiah who will lead me to salvation. I will get my salvation no matter what, because my god loves me.

I hope that I haven't offended anyone, and if I have, that you stopped reading before this point. I don't mind other people being Jewish or Christian or Muslim or Buddist, or whatever else. That's fine. As long as you have strong convictions about it, I say all the better. I don't want anyone to adapt my views either. I'm not planning on having a cult following or anything, and I will never hold mass teachings. I am certainly not qualified for that.

I guess the moral of this story, is find what works for you and stick with it. Don't get upset by others, and don't let them upset you. We are all different. And different is good.

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