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Nobody can take me to the places that she takes me. Places that I've never been before

Okay, new rule.

No trying to go to bed when I'm in a shitty mood AND not really tired. Because then my mind wanders just is bad.

I woke up to my sister calling from work. My mom is on vacation in Florida because my cousin Annette who lives there was having surgery (stomach stapled, I think). So Ci was calling to tell me that Annette is fine.

And then we talked about how she doesn't want to be at work, and would rather be home playing Sims. *pets Cici* Poor big sis'er.

And for the record, I started laughing when I typed "*pets Cici*" because my cat's name is Cici. BAHAHAHAHA!

Yes, so, yes. Going now. I think I'm going to be productive today and go buy a car kit for my diskman, and hopefully it will have a regular power adapter because I've been going through batteries like it's my job. Oooo! Then I can pick up Potbelly for lunch. Or Panera! Hmmm....

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