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Mental Lapse

I had something to say, I really did. But now? *Poof gone*. Hmmm, retrace my thoughts...
  • downloading an mp3 to burn onto a CD
  • talking to Nikki and Cici on AIM
  • trying to find a babysitter for Thursday so Cici and I can go to Louisville and see NSYNC (or however many members decide they will show up)
  • Damn, it's totally gone.

    Crap. I hate having my mother's mind.

    Child slept late today. She just woke up at about 11:30. It was kinda nice, cus I haven't had to do anything all morning. Phone keeps ringing, stupid phone, but both Fayanne and Emily are here, so they pick it up. Child now wondered downstairs and started to touch everything she could. Leave room now...if only she could read.

    Must go make the little princess lunch now. The clock turns 12:00 and automatically she's starving. Bah, I'll be back later. Maybe I'll remember what I was going to say before.
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