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Don't let your life pass you by, weep not for the memories

Well. I'm awake. There are few times when I really cherish not having windows in my room. Vacations are one of those times because I can sleep whenever I want to, and my room is always the same shade of pitch black.

I go upstairs only to find a note from Daddy asking me to do dishes. Eww. Dishwater. I think I need a dishwasher. But surprisingly enough, I did them. Right then and there....

And if the fucking phone doesn't stop ringing with junk calls, I'm tearing it out of the FUCKING WALL!!!!

....anywho, so I did the dishes. I'm impressed with me.

Yeah, I'm hungry. I'm thinking I'll have a nice little lunch/brunch thing that won't dirty dishes. I'd like to do them as little as possible while mommy is gone.

And um...
*Snoopy Dance!!!*
Combination of it being Spring Break and Mommy being gone. It's a mighty fine Snoopy Dance.

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