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It's getting to the point where we have almost made amends.

I've got some stuff to say. Nothing new there...

First, it was one of those days. And for me "those days" turn into "those weeks" and I get really down and blah, and my little mood icon is always crying or flopping it's cute little kitty ears over. So yes. It's coming. I'm trying to prepare.

Second, I have a headache. Bah.

Third, gay-boy Zach was so sweet today. He told me I looked beautiful (which is a lie), then later he said that if he weren't gay we would totally be going out. It was really cute. He also tells me that he loves me just about every day. Why can't I find a straight guy like that?

Fourth, really looking forward to leftover chicken quesadillas for dinner.

Fifth, Crew got out at 5 today. And I was really happy about it. And I realize now that I should keep my negativeness inside, because I don't want to spread bad feelings. That's not good. So yes. I love crew.

Countdown to Spring Break: 3 days.
Class periods until Spring Break: 21. 21 times 42 minutes. That's no time at all! So why can't it be Friday already???

I'm going to homework, or nap or something. I think I'm going to bed mega early tonight. Like 8 sounds nice.

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